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The Sports Xchange: Goodell wants to catch as catch can

By Art Spander
The Sports Xchange

MINNEAPOLIS — The National Football League was created in August 1920, virtually 98 years ago. You'd think by now they'd have figured out what constitutes a catch. 

But, given the controversies of the past season, it's apparent the issue remains debatable. And maybe unsolvable. 

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Newsday (N.Y.): Super Bowl LI: Don’t expect confrontation if Patriots win

By Art Spander
Special to Newsday

HOUSTON — The question is what will happen if the New England Patriots win Super Bowl LI on Sunday and — a laugh is permitted — quarterback Tom Brady and team owner Robert Kraft receive the trophy from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Nothing out of the ordinary, if history means much. It would be an old production with new performers.

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SportsXchange: Goodell dishes on Raiders' situation in press conference

By Art Spander

HOUSTON — The Raiders still are in Oakland and may be for a while despite attempts to move to Las Vegas, San Diego or Los Angeles. That is one way to interpret the words of the man in charge, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, at his annual Super Bowl news conference. 

Goodell, for the first time tieless but certainly not clueless, at a session held on Wednesday instead the traditional Friday, said there is work to be done before the Raiders plan to shift from the East Bay to Vegas could become a reality.

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S.F. Examiner: These NFL meetings will be anything but ordinary

By Art Spander
San Francisco Examiner

So the big boys from the NFL — the owners, not the players — come to The City by the Bay seeking peace and a new extra-point rule. Of course. Isn’t this the cool, gray city of love? Wasn’t the United Nations Charter signed in a hotel on Nob Hill?

Didn’t there used to be a pro football team playing in San Francisco?

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The Sports Xchange: Even in New York, it's still Super

By Art Spander
The Sports Xchange

NEW YORK — What a brilliant idea bringing the Super Bowl to greater New York, where a feta cheese omelet at Lindy's costs $18, the tabloid stories that haven't been about Peyton Manning have been about brother Eli, and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell makes the concession, "We cannot control the weather." 

And we mistakenly believed the league could do anything it wished.

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